PHP 7, Laravel 9, MySQL, Bootstrap 5, HTML5, jQuery, GIT, REST API

Connector is an online application built in Laravel 9. The application is login protected and is used to update products from various Vendors around Italy and can be extended to sync stock from vendors around the world. The application 

  • Downloads XML files from vendor’s url
  • Connect to FTP/SFTP and download files
  • Read online JSON files 

To manage the Inventory. The application can be used to manage products manually and sync with external ecommerce and CMS. The system is supported to sync products with WordPress using REST API and a Plugin inside WordPress. 

Major features are:
  • Automatic Sync.
  • Manual Sync.
  • Sync on the fly.
  • Handles existing and future stock.
  • Manage product attributes.
  • Manage various product types.
  • Manage product metadata.
  • Generate product feed in XML and JSON file formats.
Connector has the capability to update various CMS/eCommerce systems
  • WordPress/WooCommerce
  • Shopify
  • Magento